10 Team Building Games to Enhance Critical Thinking

Primary goal of providing education to our children is to ensure their success in the future in all walks of life. Of course education alone cannot help in achieving this; there are other skills that need to be mastered as well. One of the important skills that need to be learned is getting along
in working with other people. Team building does not happen overnight but it’s
an ongoing process through which one learns to assess their strength and weakness and use them in the best possible way to achieve common goals and objectives. Of course this skill needs to be mastered by practicing the process of getting along with others or working together.  

With the help of the team building games below, we can learn to enhance cooperation and communication to help create positive environment in
classrooms while ensuring fun at the same time.

1.      A Shrinking Vessel

This game utilizes problem solving and teamwork skills of students. In this game for example a certain boundary will be created where in certain no. of students might be told to fit in. This boundary will be shortened and students will be told to adjust accordingly where in their success depends on fitting in.


1.      Minefield

Minefield – this game utilizes the communication and trust skill of students. In this game obstacles are created in a way and then the students are blindfolded and have to make their way across. The blindfolded students are totally dependent on other students.


2.      The Worst Case Scenario

This game utilizes communication and problem solving skills of students. In this game a scenario is defined where the situation gets worse for example they might get stuck in a place. There the team members should pool in their ideas of getting out after which a plan needs to be devised ensuring everyone exits safely.


3.      Save the Egg

This game utilizes problem solving and creative collaboration skills. Due to involvement of eggs it is suggested that this game is played by bigger children. In this game the egg is dropped from a particular height and children needs to ensure that the egg doesn’t break like making the landing area soft or diverting it in manner where impact of landing is drastically reduced.


4.      Zoom

This game utilizes creative collaboration and communication skill. In this game students form a circle with each of them given a picture. A child then tells a story while the other children need to relate the picture given to them with the story being told by the child.


5.      If You Build It

This game test communication and problem solving skills of students. The game can be customized as per the classroom requirements. In these game students are simply divided into teams and then
give them equal amount of any material like spaghetti, pencils, pipes etc. Then they are told to construct anything like a bridge. Results can be determined by telling students that whoever builds the bridge first or whoever build the longest bridge will win.

6.      It’s a Mystery

This game utilizes problem solving and communication skills. In this game any mystery is assumed where a thing may go missing. Students are provided with clues which they need to arrange or link in a manner in order to obtain the key for solving mystery.


7.      Keep It Real

This game utilizes problem solving and communication skill. This is more of a real time game where the children are told to identify problems in a particular area like their school after which they need to suggest methods of improvement or change in order to solve the problem. Here they might need to arrange or be provided materials to solve the issue staying within the parameters drawn by their teacher.

8.      4 Way Tug Of War

The game utilizes teamwork and sportsmanship skill. In this game 4 ropes are tied together. Four teams are
made with each team being handed one side of the rope. The teams that are participating in the tug of war need to work together in order to win.


9.      Go for Gold

This game utilizes creative collaboration, communication and problem solving skill. This game is similar to “If You Build It”. In this students are handed over more of Professional Web Design,  professional material stuff like pipes, rubber, cardboard etc. Students are then given a task like for example transferring o water from one instrument to other.

 In this era of information technology it is important to not only ensure good education to our children but to also ensure engaging of students in other ways that are effective and meaningful. Team building games are not only fun but a great way to develop critical thinking. 

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