Best 5 web design trends that you follow in 2019

We have summed up 5 top-rated trends that must have to be used on almost every website.

Responsive design:

In Today’s world, a Smart Phone is actually not a Phone, it is a Computer with a very high Processing speed and a Super-Fast Internet. When you are making a website then you should be designing a website for a Smartphone and tablet users first, then for a Laptop and Desktop PC. According to research by Statista, in 2019 Smart Phone Users will reach to 4.68 billion. Here is a Graphical representation of the research.

Even Search Engine Optimization mainly depends on the Responsive Design of the website. Google has announced that they have changed their algorithms in a way to give priority to Mobile-Friendly websites. If your website is not Mobile Friendly than Google and another famous search engine will not give priority to your website in their listings. Also, for social media marketing Responsive web design is important. Most of the Facebook and Instagram users, use smartphones, when they will be directed to your website, they will be expecting a response layout of your website as well.

Minimalist Website Design:

Keeping a Minimalism website design helps website visitors to be comfortable and stay focused on the Website text and image contents. A website with one or two Theme Colors is in trend nowadays. You can see famous websites like Facebook have a blue color and YouTube have red color as their theme color. A very colorful website will cause a lot of distraction for the visitor and it will not help visitors to stay focused and understand your Products and services.

The Website Designed should have a white background, there should be suitable spacing between the text and image contents, the alignment among the content should be perfect. This will give an elegant look to the website. The Main navigation must have as few tabs as possible, 5 to 6 tabs maximum. If you want to add more page links in the main menu than you can categorize the pages and add them in the Dropdown. In the end, the Navigation will become easy resulting in excellent user experience.

Chatbox / Live Chat:

For more than 3 years most of the websites are using live chat functionality in their websites, and in the year 2019, it has become a huge trend. This is extremely beneficial for both the website visitor and website/company Owner. When going through all the pages and learning about the Products or services, in the end, the user always has a few questions to ask. When he sees a live chat option floating with the scroll, he will easily click on it and ask the company representative any queries the visitors have. At the same time, the live chat company representative will get a chance to convince the visitor to buy the product or services. This also helps to increase sales.

There are many third-party such as MYLIVECHAT and CHATRA applications which you can integrate with any website easily. And when a representative wants to have a chat you will receive a notification on your smartphone and you can easily chat with the visitor using your phone.

Organic Shapes:

With the time the trend of straight lines and Geometric structures such as square, triangular and rectangular boxes in website design has been changed. Although, such designs create a sense of stability and minimalism but till the end of 2018 organic shapes have become very common in the website all over the web. Nowadays, Organic shapes, smooth lines, and Boxes with round corners are more in trend. This is very helpful in design a website with much more creativity, allot more ideas can be used to give the website visitors an interesting experience, to explain to him about the products or services in a fun way.

While designing a website using irregular lines and organic shapes one must have to be careful to maintain stability in the design. The color combination must have to perfect and overall should not look too fancy. The website design must have to Eye-catching and elegant. Also, the performance of the website design must examine carefully other devices such as tablet and smartphones.

Use motion and animation with intent:

Last but not least, we’re going to talk about animations. Just like all visuals, animations in the form of galleries and slideshows can be a fantastic addition to your website, but what you need to keep in mind is that these are not the only animations that can be found on a site. There’s eight of them, including loading animation (which is there to annoy us all), hover, scrolling, background, and so on. A lot of work goes into creating animations that look good, but once they’re done the right way, your visitors and website will thank you for it.

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