Redesign Website for Google’s Core Web Vitals Update

Redesign Website for Google’s Core Web Vitals Update

It is the utmost Desire of a website owner to find higher organic search rankings on Google. Every business, holding a web presence put effort to pleasure Google and knowing more about the algorithm to rank websites higher. According to Google update, redesigning the website to keep up with updates is critical for the sustainability of better rankings and introducing the necessary changes to comply with what Google wants is a whole different story.

Vitals are key metrics considered for better User experience. The main focus of core web vitals is upon the factors like website loading, interactivity, and visual stability. It seems correct to judge that core web vitals are going to make a major chunk of the page experience score.

Core web vitals are made up of 3 elements specifically related to page speed and user interaction

• Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
• First Input Delay (FID)
• Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Largest contentful paint:

It refers to the amount of time it takes to produce the largest content element of the page. An example can be an image or video.

First input delay:

FID measures the interactivity of your web page i.e. time taken by the website to react upon user click. Recommended FID of the page should be less than 100 milliseconds or a maximum of 300 milliseconds. Examples are clicking on a link in the navigation field, selecting an option from a menu, etc.

Cumulative layout shift:

This mentions the stability of the page during loading. CLS accounts for the total of each unexpected layout shift hence emphasizing the significance of visual stability on the page. Google recommended a good CLS score to be 0.1 or less.

Google page experience signals

Relevancy and authority keep their importance intact for good page experience but Google also uses performance metrics a. k. a. page experience factors to adjust rankings. These metrics are found in Google Webmaster Tools i.e. Google search console which enables you to assess the technical health of your website

While developing a website redesign Strategy, it is always better to know that content is King and Google considers content among the top ranking factors therefore it has to be on top of a website revamp checklist

A comprehensive website redesign project plan is expected to focus on these signals also

• Mobile-friendliness
• Safe browsing
• HTTP/ SSL or encryption
• Intrusive Interstitials

Mobile-friendly web pages

For any website redesigning services, it is important to realize that Google prioritized mobile-friendly websites in its search ranking back in 2015, what it means is that it must offer ease for users to complete a task. As a website redesign Example for your E-commerce website, you should choose a theme that supports responsive design so that each element on the page automatically adjust to the user’s screen irrespective of what device is being used.

Safe browsing

Any website redesigning company must ensure that website does not contain any deceptive and malicious content since Google relies on safe browsing as a key page experience signal. Google has included Sub Signal in its new algorithm for a safe browsing experience for its users.


It is an essential protocol for any website and a more secure alternative to HTTP because of encryption networks. It has been years now that HTTPS protocols have been officially part of the search ranking algorithm and HTTPS should be the main priority for the implementation of user experience design.

No intrusive interstitials

Optimizing the website and keeping the user experience pleasant requires the elimination of intrusive interstitials, managing to tackle and overcome these pop-ups should be one of the goal of any website redesign company.

Helpful points for improving web vital performance

• Eliminate third-party services that require extra time to load

• Load thumbnails previews rather than full videos

• Eliminate non-utilized CSS and JavaScript

• Reduce JavaScript on the head of your website

Conclusive commentary

According to a website redesign case study, more than 2 million URLs were evaluated for passing core web vital scores out of which only 4 % met the grade

To ensure your site delivers the user experience to visitors they deserve, services of redesign website in Texas are available to take your website to new heights and improve the functionality of your site

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